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In Florida, Physician Assistants (PAs) can prescribe, order and dispense mediations. However, in certain circumstances, there are limitations. For instance, PAs are not permitted to prescribe or dispense controlled substances. Furthermore, PAs are not permitted to prescribe the medicinal drugs listed in the formulary.

In order for a PA to prescribe, the supervising physician must delegate such authority to the PA. Each supervising physician and PA shall enter into and maintain a written agreement outlining which medicinal drugs not prohibited by the formulary the supervising physician is delegating to the PA to prescribe. This agreement must be maintained for five (5) years. Supervising physicians may only delegate authority to prescribe medicinal drugs that are used in the supervising physician’s specialty area/practice.

When prescribing, the PA must:

  • Clearly identify that he/she is a PA and the patient has a right to see the physician.
  • Supervising physician must notify the Department of the delegation of prescriptive privileges. Form DH-MQA 2001 – Application for Licensure as a Prescribing PA is the form to use to apply for prescribing privileges. Use form DH-MQA 2002 – Application for Changes to Prescribing License to report any changes in prescriptive privileges. These forms are available on our website at There is no fee for the initial prescribing application. The renewal fee is $150.
  • At each licensure renewal, the PA must submit a signed affidavit indicating that he/she has completed a minimum of 10 CME hours in the specialty practice in which the PA has prescriptive privileges. Note that these hours may count towards general CME required for renewal of the PA license.
  • Prescriptions must be written in a form that complies with Chapter 499, Florida Statutes and must contain the following information:
    • Supervising physician’s name, address, telephone number
    • PA’s prescriber number
  • PAs must note the prescription of medication in the appropriate medical record.

Upon any change of employment status, the PA’s prescribing privileges shall immediately be stayed until a new written agreement is entered into and a new form is filed with the Department.

Also remember that a supervision data form must be completed for the supervising physician, in addition to completion of the prescribing application. Basically, you will be telling the Department who your supervising physician is, that he/she has delegated prescriptive privileges to you, and you have completed the required 10 hours of CME in the specialty area of the supervising physician.

A dispensing physician may delegate to a prescribing PA the authority to dispense any medication used in the supervising physician’s practice, unless such medication is listed in the formulary. In order to dispense medicinal drugs, a PA must register as a dispensing PA. Use form DH-MQA 1240, also available on our website. There is no fee to register.

A supervising physician may delegate to a PA the authority to order medications for the supervising physician’s patient during his/her care in a facility licensed under Chapter 395, Florida Statutes, notwithstanding any provisions in Chapter 465 or 893, Florida Statutes. An order is not considered a prescription in this instance.

Remember, it is the responsibility of the licensee to know and understand the laws and rules that govern the license and all pertinent laws and rules may not be listed or addressed in this article. If you are unsure, always check first.

Pertinent Laws:
– s. 458.347(4), Florida Statutes

Pertinent Rules:
– Rule 64B8-30.003(5), Florida Administrative Code – Physician Assistant Licensure
– Rule 64B8-30.004(3), Florida Administrative Code – Change in Employment Status
– Rule 64B8-30.005(6), Florida Administrative Code – Physician Assistant Licensure Renewal and Reactivation
– Rule 64B8-30.006, Florida Administrative Code – Dispensing Drugs
– Rule 64B8-30.007, Florida Administrative Code – Requirements and Limitations of Prescribing Privileges
– Rule 64B8-30.008, Florida Administrative Code – Formulary
– Rule 64B8-4.029, Florida Administrative Code – Registration as a Dispensing Physician; Delegation of Dispensing to Prescribing Physician Assistants

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