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Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

In 2009, the Florida legislature adopted a new law to address the state’s growing problem with prescription drug abuse and diversion. Continue reading

Legible Prescription Law FAQs

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What is the Legible Prescription Law?

Section 456.42 Florida Statutes – Written prescriptions for medicinal drugs: (1) A written prescription for a medicinal drug issued by a health care practitioner licensed by law to prescribe such drug must be legibly printed or typed so as to be capable … Continue reading

What if I have preprinted prescription blanks that don’t contain the required information?

Any information not contained on the preprinted prescription should be hand printed.

Does the law apply to telephone prescriptions that are reduced to writing by the pharmacist?

No. The law applies to a “written prescription for a medicinal drug issued by a health care practitioner licensed by law to prescribe such drug…” A pharmacist is not licensed by law to prescribe drugs.

Will a pharmacist return a prescription to a patient if the script does not meet the requirements?

The patient should not be inconvenienced by this new requirement. Hopefully, consumers themselves, when presented with a prescription that is illegible will clarify the drug, dosage strength or other component of the prescription with the doctor before taking it to … Continue reading

Will the Department prosecute practitioners who do not write prescriptions legibly and in the manner required by the law?

The purpose of the law is to improve patient safety by reducing errors in prescription medications. The law does not specify how the Department shall handle prescription writers who do not comply. The Department will work closely with the licensing … Continue reading

How have pharmacists traditionally handled a prescription that was illegible?

The pharmacist, as a practice standard, has always had the responsibility of verifying an illegible prescription with the physician.

Is the pharmacist subject to Discipline if he/she fills a prescription that does not meet the new requirements?

The law does not prohibit filling a prescription that the pharmacist would otherwise have filled prior to July 1,2003. Keep in mind also that pharmacists, as a routine standard of practice, have always verified with a physician a prescription that … Continue reading

What happens if a doctor gives the patient a prescription that is not written as required by the new law?

The pharmacist will handle the script in the same manner as it was handled prior to July 1, 2003. If the pharmacist would have filled the prescription on June 30, then nothing in the law prevents the pharmacist from filling … Continue reading

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