Help Center / What are the dispensing requirements for physician assistants?

Only those physician assistants authorized by law and rule to prescribe shall be permitted to dispense sample drugs to patients. Dispensing of sample drugs to patients shall be permitted only when no charge is made to the patient or a third party for the service or the drugs and if the sample being dispensed could otherwise have been legally prescribed by the physician assistant. This rule shall not be construed to prohibit a physician assistant employed in a county health department from ordering and providing patients with prepackaged and prelabeled drugs in accordance with Section 154.04(1)(c), F.S. (Rule 64B8-30.006, F.A.C.)

Authority to dispense may be delegated only by a supervising physician who is registered as a dispensing practitioner in compliance with s.465.0278.
(Section 458.347(4)(e), F.S.)

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