2016 MD Renewals

Posted in Latest News on June 26, 2015.

Licenses for medical doctor are renewed by the department in two groups. Group 1 licenses will expire at midnight, Eastern Time, on January 31st of every even year. Group 2 licenses will expire on January 31st of

If you are renewing for the first time, you are exempt from the general Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements and are only required to complete two hours of Prevention of Medical Errors and one hour of HIV/AIDS. Subsequent renewals require 38 general hours plus two hours of Medical Errors. Every third biennium Domestic Violence CME is required which will be included in the 38 general hours. Approved providers include any state or federal government agency, nationally affiliated professional association, any provider of Category I American Medical Association Continuing Medical Education; any post graduate training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education; and select specialty trainings. Complete information can be found under the Renewals tab at the Board of Medicine’s website: www.flboardofmedicine.gov .

The Florida Department of Health has changed the license renewal process. You are now required to report your CME course completions prior to your license renewal. Florida’s electronic continuing education tracking system, powered by CE Broker, records and tracks licensees’ compliance with continuing education requirements. CME hours can be reported into the tracking system at any time during the license biennium. In fact, in order to avoid any potential delays at renewal, we recommend that the licensee report the CME hours as they are completed if not already reported by the CME provider.

If you have not registered, you may create your CE Broker account by logging into your profile at www.FLHealthSource.gov and selecting “CE Broker Registration”. While in your profile, confirm that your current mailing address is on file with the Department to ensure timely delivery of your renewal notification.

When it is time to renew your license, you can do so by selecting “Renewals” on the Board of Medicine’s website and completing a renewal application. During this renewal process, you will be required to complete the Physician Workforce Survey and ensure your Practitioner Profile is up to date. We do not recommend waiting to renew your license especially considering the mandatory requirements for CME reporting. Delays in the renewal process could affect your ability to practice medicine if your license is not renewed by the expiration date of January 31st.

For more information on CME reporting requirements, please go to www.ceatrenewal.com . For any other questions regarding your license and renewal, please refer to the Board of Medicine’s website. The renewal window will open in early October, so now is the time to determine…. Are You Renewal Ready?

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