Help Center / How do I reactivate an inactive or retired license?

A license with the current status of inactive or retired can be “reactivated” at any time by contacting the Board of Medicine in writing. You may submit the request by emailing or by mailing the request to our office. The requirements to reactivate a license are checked individually for each licensee. The Board office will contact the requester with the individual requirements for fees and CMEs that would need to be completed for reactivation of an inactive or retired license holder.

General requirements to reactivate a license are:

• Fees for reactivation
• Proof of completing all required CME for each year of inactive or retired status.
• Completed Health History Questions and Financial Responsibility form within the reactivation packet.

Any physician whose license has been inactive or retired, who has not practiced for 2 years out of the previous 4 years in another jurisdiction, shall be required to appear before the Credentials Committee of the Board and establish the ability to practice with the skill and safety sufficient to protect the health, and welfare of the public. At the time of appearance, the physician must:

• Demonstrate compliance with 1 through 3 above.
• Demonstrate successful completion of the SPEX exam with a score of at least 75 achieved within the year prior to the appearance before the Credentials Committee. For information about the SPEX please log onto the Federation of State Medical Boards website at
• Account for any activities related to the practice of medicine during the period that the license was on retired status or not practicing in another jurisdiction and establish an absence of malpractice or disciplinary actions pending in any jurisdiction.

The Department shall refuse to reactivate the retired status license of a physician who is under investigation or prosecution in any jurisdiction for an action that would constitute a violation of chapter 458, FS or the professional practice acts administered by the department and the boards, until 15 days after the Department receives the final results of the investigation or prosecution.