Help Center / Q: What is the scope of practice for a prescribing and or dispensing physician assistant?

A: A supervisory physician may delegate to a fully licensed physician assistant the authority to prescribe or dispense any medication used in the supervisory physician’s practice unless such medication is listed in the formulary shown in 64B8-30.008 F.A.C.

A fully licensed physician assistant may only prescribe or dispense such medication under the following circumstances:

1. A physician assistant must clearly identify to the patient that he or she is a physician assistant. Furthermore, the physician assistant must inform the patient that the patient has the right to see the physician prior to any prescription being prescribed or dispensed by the physician assistant.

2. The supervisory physician must notify the department of his or her intent to delegate, on a department-approved form, before delegating such authority and notify the department of any change in prescriptive privileges of the physician assistant. Authority to dispense may be delegated only by a supervising physician who is registered as a dispensing practitioner in compliance with s. 465.0276. (Section 458.347(4)(e), F.S.)