Help Center / What constitutes an acceptable Prevention of Medical Errors course?

According to Rule 64B8-13.005(1)(c),F.A.C., a course on the prevention of medical errors which includes a study of root cause analysis, error reduction and prevention, and patient safety, and which is approved by any state or federal government agency, or nationally affiliated professional association, or any provider of Category I or II American Medical Association Continuing Medical Education. One hour of a two hour course which is provided by a facility licensed pursuant to Chapter 395, F.S., for its employees may be used to partially meet this requirement. The course must include information relating to the five most mis-diagnosed conditions during the previous biennium, as determined by the Board. While wrong site/wrong procedure surgery continues to be the most common basis for quality of care violations, the following areas have been determined as the five most mis-diagnosed conditions: cancer related conditions; surgery complications; respiratory related conditions; OB/GYN related conditions; cardiology related conditions.