Help Center / When will I be required to complete the Domestic Violence training?

Your due date to take Domestic Violence for the first time is based on the date you were initially licensed.

The chart below will assist you in determining when you will be required to complete this training.

This chart is for licensees that were initially licensed PRIOR to 8/1/06
 BoardLaw went into effect
OptionalOptionalMust be complete by the biennium below if not taken since biennium in column 1
Medicine Group 1

Expires Even Years

Medicine Group 2

Expires Odd Years


If you were initially licensed prior to 8/1/06 you would follow the chart above because you were licensed prior to the implementation of the statute that requires domestic violence. Once you have taken the course for the first time, you have 6 years to complete it again.

If you were initially licensed after 8/1/06 you have 3 bienniums (6 years) to complete the course.

Example: A Physician expiring 1/31/13 initially licensed 5/31/08 would not have to complete Domestic Violence until the 13/15 biennium and would not follow the chart above.

Whenever you chose to take Domestic Violence within the timeframe above, you have 6 years from that date to complete it again.