Area of Critical Need Licensing FAQs

ACN Licensing FAQs

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Does an ACN physician require supervision?

Not unless an order requiring supervision has been issued by the Board of Medicine.

What can an ACN physician do?

Their scope of practice is not limited but an ACN physician may only practice in an approved facility.

Can I change practice locations after I have been licensed?

You may change locations after licensure but must follow these requirements:

  • The new location must be on the department’s list of approved facilities.
  • You must notify the Board of Medicine office within 30 days of changing locations.

If I have been licensed to practice in an area of critical need, can I practice in other locations?

You have been licensed to practice only in a facility approved as an area of critical need. Practicing in any other location that is not an approved facility is a violation of the conditions of your license.

However, you may practice in multiple locations that are designated as areas of critical need and are on the department’s approved facility list. If you want to add locations after initial licensure, you must notify the Board of Medicine office within 30 days of adding practice locations.

As an ACN physician, can I order pharmaceuticals?

Yes, if you are ordering pharmaceuticals in an approved facility where you are practicing.

Can I provide home health care or work in a mobile health care clinic?

No. You must work in an approved facility that is in an area of critical need. Home health care and mobile facilities do not meet the requirements for designation as an approved facility.

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