General Office Practices/Protocol FAQs

General Office Practices/Protocols

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Can a medical doctor perform acupuncture?

A physician can perform acupuncture under his/her medical license as long as he/she is properly trained and educated in the field of acupuncture.

What duties can a CNA perform?

The scope of practice of CNAs, as well as other nursing professions (RN, APRN, etc.) is regulated by the Florida Board of Nursing.

How long must a healthcare practitioner maintain a patient’s records?

According to Rule 64B8-10.002(3), FAC : A licensed physician shall keep adequate written medical records, as required by Section 458.331(1)(m), Florida Statutes, for a period of at least five years from the last patient contact; however, medical malpractice law requires records to be kept for at least seven years.

Can a health care practitioner terminate a patient relationship?

Yes. A health care practitioner can terminate a patient relationship at any time, but the practitioner may not abandon a patient and should provide continuity of care in accordance with the prevailing professional standard of care. The Florida Medical Association (FMA) recommends to a practitioner who wishes to terminate a relationship that the practitioner should give the patient adequate notice in writing, and the practitioner should remain available to the patient for at least 30 days in order to allow time for the patient to find a new practitioner. The FMA also recommends that the practitioner terminating the relationship should provide assistance in locating another practitioner for the patient. The Florida Medical Association is not affiliated with the Board of Medicine.

Are physicians required to have a chaperone present in the room when examining patients?

No. But it is highly recommend for the protection of the physician and the patient.