Information for PA’s – CME Requirements

Posted in Latest News on March 18, 2014.

In Florida, Physician Assistant’s (PA’s) are required to renew their license every two (2) years.  Now, this can be done online.

As part of renewal, the PA must complete CME and upload the completed CME into the CE@renewal system prior to renewal. The renewal period (or licensing biennium) is February 1st – January 31st.  That means the CME must be completed during this time.

CME requirements for PA’s include the following:

1. 100 hours of CME (general CME) or NCCPA certification

– Minimum of 50 hours must be Category I CME approved by the American   Academy of Physician Assistants, the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the American Medical Association, the American Osteopathic Medical Association Council on Continuing Medical Education or the American Academy of Family Physicians.

-The remaining 50 hours may be Category II CME

2. 2 hours in the Prevention of Medical Errors (state-specific CME):

-May be Category I or II CME
-One hour of the course provided by a facility licensed under Chapter 395 (hospitals), F.S., for its employees may be used to partially meet this requirement.

3. 2 hours in Domestic Violence every three (3) licensing biennium (state-specific CME)

-May be Category I or II CME, and can be home study

4. 1 hour HIV/AIDS – first renewal only (state-specific CME)

-Category I CME only

PA’s with prescribing privileges must complete 10 hours CME in the specialty area of their supervising physician.  These hours can count toward the general 100 hours CME noted above.

NOTE: CME obtained to meet the requirements of a Final Order (discipline) cannot be used for renewal.

Licensees who are spouses of members of the Armed Forces of the United States shall be exempt from all licensure renewal provisions (including CME) for any period of time in which the licensee is absent from the State of Florida due to the spouse’s duties with the Armed Forces.

Pertinent laws:

-s. 458.347, Florida Statutes – Physician Assistants

Pertinent rules:

-Rule 64B8-30.005, Florida Administrative Code – Physician Assistant Licensure Renewal and Reactivation

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