Medical Faculty Certificate

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The department will renew your license upon receipt of:

  1. Letter to the Board from the Dean of the University requesting renewal
  2. Required fees (renewal and background)
  3. Signed Statement of completion of continuing medical education
  4. FDLE Name Search Document
  5. Medicare / Medicaid Questionnaire
  6. Confirmation of required continuing education hours reported into the continuing education tracking system, CE Broker.

The holder of a medical faculty certificate authorizes the holder to practice only in conjunction with his or her faculty position at an accredited medical school and its affiliated clinical facilities or teaching hospitals that are registered with the Board of Medicine as sites at which holders of medical faculty certificates will be practicing. Such a certificate automatically expires when the holder’s relationship with the medical school is terminated or after a period of 24 months, whichever occurs sooner, and is renewable every 2 years by a holder who applies to the board on a form prescribed by the board and provides certification by the dean of the medical school that the holder is a distinguished medical scholar and an outstanding practicing physician.

Military Exemption

If you are a member of the Armed Forces of the United States on active duty who was in good standing with the board at the time of becoming active and was entitled to practice or engage in the practice of medicine in Florida, you may be eligible to be exempted from renewal requirements for the duration of active duty, and for a period of six months after discharge, but not practicing the profession in the private sector for profit.

If you are the spouse of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, you may be eligible to be exempted from licensure renewal requirements, but only in cases of absence from the state because your spouses’ duties with the Armed Forces.

Public School Health Volunteer Exemption

If you volunteer your services in public schools for a minimum of 80 hours a year or if retired, at least 400 hours a year, you may be eligible for a waiver of your biennial renewal fee and some of the continuing education hours (no more than 25%) required for license renewal; however, the continuing education requirements for domestic violence, HIV and AIDS, and medical errors cannot be waived.

Medical Faculty Certificate holders are required to contact the Board with a written request for renewal. All required fees and documentation must be submitted prior to the expiration date.  Failure to renew your certificate by the expiration date renders it null and void without any further action by the board or the department.

Military Exemption

To receive an exemption from the renewal requirements, please provide a copy of your orders which provides the beginning and end date of your current enlistment or a copy of your spouse’s orders.  If you are a Commissioned Officer, you may provide a letter from your commanding officer that reflects the length of your contract with a beginning and end date to fulfill this requirement.

Information for requesting a Name Change

Name changes require legal documentation showing the name change. Please submit a request including your full name as it appears on your license, profession, license number, your new name, your date of birth, the last four digits of your social security number, and your signature. Attach supporting documents, which must be one of the following:

  • a copy of a state issued marriage license that includes the original signature and seal from the clerk of the court
  • a divorce decree showing the name change
  • a court order showing the name change (Adoption, legal name change, federal identity change)

Any one of these will be accepted unless the department has a question about the authenticity of the document. A social security card is not considered legal documentation.

Please Note: The last four digits of the SSN are requested as required by DOH Policy Number DOHP 385-LS05-12 Name Changes for Existing Licensees, which was established for security purposes due to past instances of fraudulent activity.

If renewing BEFORE your license expires, your fees will be:

Active to Active$255.00*
Dispensing Registration*$100.00

NOTE: Licensees renewing “Active to Active” in 2015 or 2016 will see a
one-time reduced fee of $279.

* If you are currently registered to dispense medicinal drugs to your patients in the regular course of your practice, you can renew your dispensing registration by paying the additional $100.00 registration fee, along with the appropriate renewal fee indicated above.

If you are not currently registered to dispense medicinal drugs and would like to register when you renew your medical license, indicate your request for registration to dispense medicinal drugs in writing to the Board of Medicine and submit a $100.00 registration fee, along with the appropriate renewal fee indicated above.

First Biennium Renewal: If you are renewing your license for the first time you are exempt from the general continuing medical education requirements and are only required to complete 2 hours of Medical Error and 1 hour of HIV/AIDS.

Continuing Education (CE/CME) Requirements

To locate board approved CE Courses for this profession, please click here

General Hours38
Medical Error2Course MUST include information regarding the 5 most mis-diagnosed conditions, in accordance with Rule 64B8-13.005, F.A.C.
Domestic Violence2Required every third biennium – Included in the 38 general


CE Reporting Information →Reporting Schedule →

Board Rule Approved Providers

  • Courses approved by any state or federal government agency or nationally affiliated professional association or any provider of Category I American Medical Association Continuing Medical Education;
  • Any post graduate training program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education;
  • The following specialty training:  American College of Emergency Physicians, Cat I; American Academy of Family Physicians prescribed credit; American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists cognates; and study courses required by those specialty certification boards approved by the Board for the purpose of sitting for specialty recertification examinations

Domestic Violence Chart →

Other Methods of Obtaining Continuing Medical Education per Biennium

  • 5 hours for attending a regular meeting of the Board of Medicine
  • Up to 15 for serving as a volunteer expert witness
  • 5 hours for a current Board Member serving on a Probable Cause Panel of the Board of Medicine
  • 6 hours for serving as a supervising physician
  • 3 hours for serving as a monitoring physician
  • 5 hours for performing pro bono medical services 6458-13.005(9)

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Florida Statutes

458.3145 Medical Faculty Certificate
456.024 Members of Armed Forces in good standing with administrative boards or the department; spouses
456.031 Requirement for instruction on domestic violence
456.033 Requirement for instruction for certain licensees on HIV and AIDS
456.035 Address of record
456.048 Financial responsibility requirements for certain health care practitioners
456.0635 Medicaid fraud; disqualification for license, certification, or registration
458.3145 Renewal of certificate
458.3191 Physician survey
458.320 Financial responsibility
458.3145 Letter from the Dean of the University

Florida Administrative Code

64B8-13.005 Continuing Education for Biennial Renewal
64B8-12.001 Financial Responsibility applicability
64B8-12.005 Financial Responsibility procedures
64B8-12.007 Financial Responsibility exemptions for persons not practicing in Florida; Change of status
64B8-13.001 Criteria for license renewal
64B8-3.003 Renewal fees
64B8-3.004 Change of Status fees
64B8-3.006 Dispensing fee
64B8-3.009 Unlicensed Activity fee