Licensure FAQs


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Can I obtain a Florida license by reciprocity?

The State of Florida does not offer reciprocity as an avenue for licensure. If you hold a medical license in another state and have practiced medicine in at least two of the last four years, we can offer licensure by endorsement.

What medical schools are accepted and/or approved by the Florida Board of Medicine?

Approved medical schools:

• Allopathic medical school or allopathic college recognized and approved by an accrediting agency recognized by the United States Office of Education or is a graduate of an allopathic medical school or allopathic college within a territorial jurisdiction of the United States recognized by the accrediting agency of the governmental body of that jurisdiction;

• a graduate of an allopathic foreign medical school must have had his or her medical credentials evaluated by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, and an active, valid certificate issued by that commission, and has passed the examinations utilized by that commission.

Do you have to be licensed in Florida to practice alternative medicine such as Naturopathy or Homeopathy?

Only physicians licensed in Florida can include or offer alternative medicine to their patients. The definition of “practice of medicine” is listed in s. 458.305, Florida Statutes: the diagnosis, treatment, operation, or prescription for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or other physical or mental condition.

How do I get a DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) number?

Please contact the DEA at (800) 882-9539 or visit their website.

Is ECFMG Certification required?

ECFMG Certification is required of all international medical graduates seeking licensure in the State of Florida.

Is there a time or attempt limit to pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)?

There is no limit on the amount of time or number of attempts to complete the test.

What criminal offenses may prevent me from obtaining a medical license?

You are required to report all criminal offenses to the Board. Each application will be evaluated on an individual basis. For more information on offenses that may prevent you from obtaining a medical license, see statutes and rules below:

– s. 456, F.S. (health professions and occupations)
– s. 458, F.S. (medical practice)
– s. 766.301 through 766.316, F.S. (medical malpractice and related matters)

Rule 64B8, Florida Administrative Code (Board of Medicine)

If I use the Federal Credentials Verification Services (FCVS), will it expedite the licensure process?

If FCVS has completed the credentials verification of your core credentials, it will expedite the licensure process.

Note: If you have not completed the FCVS certification process prior to applying for licensure in Florida it could take longer to complete the licensure process.

What if I am unable to obtain the supporting documents for my application?

You may be required to file a Petition for Waiver/Variance and meet with the Board at a Credentials Committee meeting. Please contact the Board for further assistance.

Who should complete my Post-Graduate Training Evaluation and staff privilege forms?

The training evaluation form should be signed by the current program chairman or director.  The staff privilege verification form should be completed by the Chief of Staff. You should send a Post-Graduate Training Evaluation form to each institution where you did internship, residency or fellowship training and the staff privilege form to any hospitals where you have current staff privileges.

What is required as proof of training?

A copy of your postgraduate training certificate(s) is required as proof of training.  We will also accept a letter from the current program director/chairman, addressed to the Florida Board of Medicine, listing the beginning and ending dates of training and post graduate year level(s) completed.

Am I required to show verification of an expired or past medical license?

You must request that verification of all current and/or expired medical licenses be sent directly to our office when applying for a medical license in the State of Florida.

Am I required to pay the Florida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association (NICA) fee?

You are required to pay the NICA fee unless you meet the following exemption criteria per s. 766.314, F.S.:

  • Resident physicians, assistant resident physicians and interns in postgraduate training programs approved by the Board of Medicine
  • Retired physicians who maintain an active license, but who have withdrawn from the practice of medicine
  • Physicians who hold a limited license, as defined by s. 458.317, F.S., who do not receive any compensation for medical services
  • Physicians employed full-time by the Veterans Administration whose practice is confined to VA hospitals
  • Any licensed physician on active duty with the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Physicians employed full-time by the State of Florida whose practice is confined to state-owned correctional institutions and state-owned mental health facilities

Proof of qualification for a claimed exemption must be submitted to NICA, P.O. Box 14567, Tallahassee, FL 32317-4567. Please contact NICA at (850) 488-8191 for further information or visit their website.

Can I be granted an extension on an application after it has expired?

Section 456.013(1)(a), Florida Statutes does not allow for an extension. An application is only valid for one year.

How long will it take for my license to be issued?

Your e-license will be issued within 2 business days once your licensure application has been approved.  Please login to your MQA Online Services account and navigate to ‘License Documents’ on your ‘My Dashboard’ page to retrieve your e-license. 

Do I have to send of the supporting documents for my application to the Board at the same time?

You are not required to send in all of your documents at the same time.  However, we encourage you to send as much information as possible to help expedite the licensure process.

Where should I send the supporting documents for my application?

Please mail all required supporting documents to:

Department of Health
4052 Bald Cypress Way, BIN C03
Tallahassee, Florida, 32399-3253

How do I apply for a license?

You may apply for your license  by visiting the Licensing Page >>

Do I have to report any criminal activities after I receive my medical license?

You are required to report all criminal activities after you receive your medical license. You may report the criminal offense(s) online via Online Services, by e-mail, or by mail to:

Florida Department of Health
Licensure Support Services Unit, Bin #C-10
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3267.

If reporting by e-mail or mail, provide the date of the offense, a description of the crime, and the county and state of jurisdiction.